Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads

Series 2 - Episode 7: Oxygen Required

ice road truckers

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In La Paz on the eve of the truckers’ final run in Bolivia, Tim steps in to aid a damsel in distress. She is covered in blood, having taken a pasting from two extravagantly-attired assailants in a wrestling ring. Deciding that enough is enough, Tim throws down the gauntlet and, with a few well-chosen words from
his corner man Tino restores order. GW then takes his turn in the ring, but has some trouble finding his groove.

GW and Lisa get to work the next morning on the biggest load of the season moving an over-sized water tank along the Death Road. Lisa has not tackled the Death Road since it proved too much for her on a previous trip and GW has not driven an inch of it. Their egos have to take a back seat when smoke starts filling the cab. Some improvisation with the fuse box sees them get the wheels rolling again.

T’n’T (Tim and Tino) and Hugh (still driving solo) are delivering scientific equipment to an observatory 17,100ft up in the Andes. “We got an oxygen tank in the truck, so hopefully the elevation and altitude doesn’t affect me,” says Tino, before heading out on a new road to the highest place they have visited so far. “It’s a light load, but it’s delicate and it costs a lot of money. So be cool on the road going up, hammer down coming home,” is Hugh’s mantra. If T’n’T deliver the load intact, they will be the only team to complete all their Bolivian trips without a mishap.

Will Lisa earn her stripes on the Death Road? Will GW get his go in the hot seat? Will T‘n’T get some wind in their sails, or will Hugh make it to the observatory first?

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