Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads

Series 2 - Episode 9: The Hangover

Episode 9: The Hangover

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Lisa, having previously handed the reins over to GW, retakes the wheel as they head back to the Peruvian town of Huallin, over the 16,500-feet high Punta Olimpica Pass, hauling a load of pipes. This is the road that nearly brought GW tumbling down and this load is a great deal heavier. “The truck is not built for this. The rear axle is too far forward for any kind of heavy load you put in there. It definitely feels back-heavy,” she says.

Lisa then has an exchange with a local worker who explains, using some international sign language and the word ‘boom’, that there is going to be an explosion on the mountain and that they have about one hour to make it over the pass. But between them and the pass is Wheelie Hill, which kept Hugh stuck for about an hour…

In the coastal town of Barranca, Hugh, having suffered from some mechanical mishaps, is reunited with an old friend called Black Thunder, the truck he had in Bolivia. “I started hauling livestock when I was 16- years-old in a truck exactly like this one. Animals are harder to haul than anything because they move a lot. It’s a live load. Animals move all the time and your truck’s constantly moving. It’s actually worse than fuel. They could all go to one side. And then your truck’s flopping over. I had four pigs tip my truck over one time right on the road!” he says before hitting the road with a trailer full of sheep.

Meanwhile, in the T‘n’T truck, Tim is raring to go, but Tino is nowhere to be found. “Apparently Tino went out last night and had a little fun. You know, the guy should’ve been in bed last night. I got in bed. I was in bed early, you know, I got up early. I’m ready to go. It’s going to be a long day already. It’s not good when it starts out like this. It’s just frustrating. It’s just really frustrating.”

“I’m a loser, you’re driving, let’s go. I’m ready, I’m here,” says Tino, with his tail between his legs when he finally appears. Tim manages to steer the ship alone, but he finds another vehicle that has run into a spot of bother. “Basically the tourist van heading over to the archaeological site got stuck in the water right here,” he explains before offering to try to help the trapped tourists out, while Tino is in less of a helpful mood…But it is Tim who later says “It’s just embarrassing. I just went from hero to zero in a matter of seconds.”

Do Lisa and GW make it over the mountain before everything goes boom? And will Hugh be able to herd his sheep up the hill?

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