Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads

Series 2 - Episode 4: The Replacement Trucker


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Lisa prepares to meet her new partner, the Texan GW 'Great White' Boles. And it proves to be a battle of wills. Lisa stands firm that she's the boss and GW will have to get used to spending a little time in the passenger seat. But being a spotter isn't something GW usually does. At the Devil’s Bridge, with no distance to spare either side, Lisa shows the Great White her teeth...

Elsewhere, Tim and Tino have to transport an over-sized gas tank down the Death Road. It has to be bound, tied down securely and ballasted in order to keep it stable. After taping the letters TNT (for Tino 'n' Tim) on the back, Tim gets behind the wheel. Pausing for a quick prayer – a habit that has grown on him since he first arrived, faithless, in Bolivia – he stalls the truck in the yard!

Having lost Rick and Dave, Hugh continues to pound Bolivia's Death Road alone. He's taken to speeding down the Death Road and laughing at the tightest corners.

Will Hugh's speed leave further scars on his wagon? Will TNT's load go off with a bang? And will the Great White and Lisa learn to drive with each other?

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