Series 5 - Episode 7: A Banged Up Job

Episode 7: A Banged Up Job

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Picking up from where she left off in the last episode, Lisa is about to become the lead dog, taking over the reins from Tony who is going to slip in behind her as they deliver a prefabricated building. It is the biggest load of the season and if she successfully completes this mission, Lisa should step up to become one of the heavy haulers. Finally they get on the road, but about 150 miles south of Prudhoe, a wagon coming in the opposite direction pushes Lisa off the track and into a ditch. Will Tony be able to get her back on track?

Rick and Hugh are delivering 25 tons of critical supplies to the remote village of Lac Brochet, but the undulating roads and heavy load have taken their toll on the old trailers they are pulling, particularly Hugh’s. He has two flat tyres already and the load is pressing down on the other wheels. When a third tyre goes pop, there is nothing Hugh can do but park up and call for help, leaving Rick to continue alone to Lac Brochet.

At the Carlile depot in Fairbanks, Maya is hoping to drive all of the Dalton Highway for the first time on her own. She will have Phil in the passenger seat keeping an eye on her but she hopes to drive every mile herself. “I’m excited to start driving today the whole way. New day, new start, new adventure,” she says. But she does not get far before things grind to a halt.

In Manitoba, Alex’s mission to deliver food becomes a mission of mercy when he comes across a family who have got into trouble. Their vehicle has come off the road and as night falls the temperature gauge is hovering around –35. However grateful they are to be picked up, they spend most of the journey arguing over whose fault the crash was.

How long will Hugh be stranded? Will the champagne corks pop for Maya in Prudhoe? And will Lisa’s accident derail her chances of moving up into the big league?



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