Series 4 - Episode 8

Episode 8

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The difficult skill of push-trucking is examined when tomboy Lisa is asked to be part of a crew delivering a multimillion-dollar haul up the Dalton. The extra-heavy load clocks in at a hefty 100 tons, so the only way safe transportation can be achieved is by using three trucks in a bumper-to-bumper convoy.



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Comments (10)

  • Aian

    over 2 years ago


    Watching Lisa on Ice Road Truckers and now on Ice Road Truckers Deadliest Roads .i think she is an amaising woman. her perants must be VERY PROUD of her.She does a job most men would not do for any money,including me.keep safe Lisa.hope to see you next year on Ice Road Truckers.

  • john

    3 years ago


    that was ace

  • william

    3 years ago


    come on lisa you show them girl.

  • S.T.T.S

    3 years ago


    Push-trucking is just edge of your seat, nail biting, scarey-stuff man!Proper respect to these three!The other truckers just need to wind their necks in a bit, specially Ray!!

  • rob

    3 years ago


    i sure hope ray isnt in the next season, he is an awful truck-driver. Then again I'd call him just plain stupid in whatever he does seeing as he doesn't seem to learn from ANY of the mistakes he makes...

  • gract

    3 years ago


    funny how ray gets his karma, laughing at lisa pushing while he can barely keep his tiny*** trunk on the road

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  • IanL

    3 years ago


    Full respect to Lisa on this one, she sure showed up the others who didn't think she could do it.