Ice Twisters

Ice Twisters

Ice Twisters

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A science-fiction author fears the worst after government weather experiments closely related to his ideas start to go disastrously awry.

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  • andrew

    almost 2 years ago


    Same problem here Jan,

  • JAN

    almost 2 years ago


    i would like to see the film but it kepted stopping i repoted the problem but it still kepted stoping.PLEASE WILL YOU FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • taz

    2 years ago


    shockingly bad film from what i can concentrate on

  • Opal

    2 years ago


    I hear you Justin.

  • mr c

    2 years ago

    mr c

    Poor film ! The only good thing about this film is the fact that i watched it at work on my laptop so i was being paid whilst watching it !

  • Justin

    2 years ago


    While the cinematography may not be that believable, ironically this is very closely based on a reality. Just google Haarp and weather and you'll get the idea. The US have openly used weather control in Vietnam and we now know that the UK experimented with this years ago, due to documents that have just recently been released. If you can navigate the conspiracy theorists (some of whom are equally unbelievable as this film) then as Moulder would say - "the truth's out there..."

  • John Winter

    2 years ago

    John Winter

    Cannot believe I watched this dross.

  • SamanthaJayne

    2 years ago


    This film is great! I love films with twisters and tornadoes!! Amazing. Should have more tornado/twister movies on here!!