It Takes A Thief To Catch A Thief

Series 1 - Episode 1

Episode 1

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This week, Richard hits a hardware store in Birmingham. The family-run store has been selling nuts and bolts for 40 years, but it is attracting more than DIY enthusiasts – it’s a free-for-all for thieves, who are getting away with £10,000 worth of gear every year.

To expose the gaping holes in the store’s security, Richard strikes and manages to load a van of goods within minutes. But he is in for a shock when the staff let rip and throw him out of town. With staff refusing to see him, it is down to his partner-in-shop-crime Will Davies to try to make amends and sort out their failing security.

In Cleethorpes, a value store is just not cheap enough for the local shoplifters, who are helping themselves to thousands of pounds worth of life’s little essentials. The all-women team’s secret weapon is Bertha the baseball bat, but when Richard fills a pair of specially adapted trousers with a mountain of gear, the staff are astounded.

Although the owner has spent a small fortune on CCTV, no one is watching the screens until the thieves have cleared them out and made their getaway. So after Richard gives staff a master class in CCTV surveillance, he tests them one final time with one of his boldest moves yet.

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