It Takes A Thief To Catch A Thief

Series 1 - Episode 4

Episode 4

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Charity shops rely on donations and the goodwill of the public to raise funds for their chosen causes, but where thieves are concerned, everything is fair game. One North London shop has been hit hard by kids and grannies, costing the charity it supports a whopping £80,000 a year.

The good-hearted citizens who volunteer at the shop have no idea of the extent of the problem and are unprepared for Richard’s visit. None of them notice when he deftly steals clothes with the aid of a hook-lined coat and fills a bag with DVDs. It is not until he makes a third strike and gets away with an 8ft double bass case that the manager finally realises what he is up to and gives chase!

In Glasgow, an upmarket off-licence has been under siege from persistent pilferers, who are helping themselves to the shop’s top-shelf malts and bottles of bubbly. The shop lost £2,000 in high-end booze last year, but have-a-go manager Nikki does not give up her stock without a fight, putting herself in danger as she tackles thieves single-handedly.

Policeman Will Davies sets to work kitting out her shop with the latest security, but can he stop Nikki from taking on the thieves? Richard puts her to the test, posing as a drunken crook.



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