Jack Taylor

Series 1 - Jack Taylor: The Pikemen

Jack Taylor: The Pikemen

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A man is brutally murdered by an unseen assailant. We glimpse the murder weapon, a steel spearhead with a scythe-like hook on the side, mounted on a shaft. Some days later, Jack Taylor is returning to his beloved Galway after having been away for a year. Jack is clean, sober and determined to stay away from trouble and not to get sucked back into the cycle of death and violence again. However, his resolve not to take on any jobs is immediately tested when the dead man’s mother, who knows Jack, begs for his help.

To complicate Jack’s investigation, an enthusiastic young man called Cody, who hero-worships Jack as the best private eye in Ireland, shows up on his doorstep, wanting to be Jack’s new partner. Jack tells him to get lost, but worse is to follow when Ann Hennessey, his old flame from ‘The Guards’ for whom he still carries a torch, comes back into his life when he least needs it. She is now in a relationship with a successful businessman who also happens to beat her up. Jack is enraged and wants simply to tear the man’s heart out.

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