Jedward's Weird Wild World

Part 1: He's got a cool beard

John and Edward take us behind the scenes and answer some of your questions.

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Earlier this year, we joined the Grimes twins as they filmed their 5* clip show, Jedward's Weird Wild World.

Armed with a camera, we captured some exclusive behind the scenes footage of the boys messing around between takes and generally causing mayhem on the set. We also made sure that we took the time to ask them some of your most pressing questions. 

In the first of our Jedward webisodes, the boys discuss who they'd like to go to dinner with and reveal whether they'd ever get a tattoo.

The only thing that we didn't manage to prise out of them was the name of their third album, which was still in the works at the time. Does Young Love live up to their promises?

Don't miss the first episode of Jedward's Weird Wild World on Wednesday 29th August at 10.30pm on 5*.