Jedward's Weird Wild World

Part 4: Not cool

John and Edward try to describe each other and reveal their weirdest and wildest moments.

In the fourth part of our behind the scenes with Jedward series, we quiz John and Edward on their most outrageous moments to date and find out what their three wishes would be.

Plus, the boys reveal why they're sounding a bit snotty and let us in on a secret about the clothes featured in the series.

Don't miss episode 4 of Jedward's Weird Wild World on Wednesday 19th September at 10pm on 5*.

Comments (2)

  • Juliet

    over 1 year ago


    I love these two boys, they make me laugh so much :) lots of more of them please C5 :)

  • Mavis

    over 1 year ago


    Aw John's face when Edward called him 'not cool'. Hate to point it out Edward but surely you're the John lookalike as he arrived first! ;) x