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Episode 1

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Last year Jodie Marsh revealed the trauma she experienced as a young girl who was bullied at school. Having faced up to her issues, she now heads to the USA to investigate some ideas that could be used to transform the problem here in the UK.

Figures show that nearly 13 million youngsters are the victims of bullying in the US every year. The effect on the victims can be profound, sometimes resulting in their resorting to extreme violence. Since the Columbine High School massacre in 1999, shootings on school campuses have become an all-too-frequent atrocity. Seventy per cent of the perpetrators have a history of being bullied, it is an issue that has cost many lives.

Jodie heads to Cleveland first, and meets David Kachadourian who was teaching at Success Tech Academy when bullied student Asa Coon went on a violent rampage armed with knives and two revolvers. David was one of four people shot by Asa. Success Tech has worked hard to turn things around and has a far more positive attitude to anti-bullying and now nearly every state has adopted anti-bullying laws. No such laws exist in the UK.

Jodie next visits Stone Bridge Middle School in New Jersey, which leads the way in reforming attitudes. Mr Mojo, who is described as America's anti-bullying coach, is at the school to send a message to the assembled students that they can empower themselves, and that each and every one of them should feel valued.

In Buffalo, Jodie discovers that not all schools are so forward thinking when she meets the parents of Jamey, who committed suicide after being bullied for years.

Finally in Nevada Jodie visits a school that has a initiated a scheme where a number of pupils have become 'defenders'. With the school's backing, they have the right to raise any issues that they think needs to be addressed. Jodie's meeting with an ex-bully who was given some responsibility by the school is illuminating. And she discovers, passionate teachers can make a massive difference...

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