Series 1 - Episode 2

Jodie Marsh: Bullied

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Having travelled across the USA to observe some of the practices forward-thinking schools and academies have introduced to tackle bullying, Jodie returns to the UK intending to persuade schools here to follow the same path.

With support from her friend Alex, an anti-bullying campaigner, Jodie finds a school which admits it has bullying issues to deal with. Carlton Community College in Barnsley has a troubled past and has been threatened with closure if it doesn't improve. New head teacher Neil Hutchinson's mission is to turn things around. Alex takes Jodie to Springwell, a school in Derbyshire he's been working with: it has introduced an anti-bullying team lead by students. These 'ambassadors' are students who keep tabs on the well-being of fellow pupils. A group of these 'ambassadors' come to Carlton to demonstrate how the concept works. Can Carlton learn from Springwell and put some anti-bullying ideas into practice?

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    Jodie heads to America in search of techniques on how to deal with bullying.

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