• Episode 13: Ghosts

    Winona comes under threat from the Detroit mob bosses.

  • Episode 12: Peace of Mind

    The race on to see which side can get to Ellen Mae first.

  • Episode 11: Decoy

    Raylan fights to find a way of getting Drew out of Harlan without the Detroit mob catching up with them.

  • Episode 10: Get Drew

    Having worked out Drew Thompson's real identity, Raylan races to get his hands on the fugitive first.

  • Episode 9: The Hatchet Tour

    Raylan manages to assign himself the job of escorting his father's killer to a high-security jail.

  • Episode 8: Outlaw

    Raylan’s search for the missing drug courier leads him to question Harlan’s imprisoned former sheriff.

  • Episode 7: Money Trap

    As Boyd and Ava attend a swingers party to look for a missing drug pilot, a fugitive murderer draws Raylan into a showdown.

  • Episode 6: Foot Chase

    As Raylan continues the search for Drew Thompson, someone goes to desperate lengths to free Josiah from his shackles.

  • Episode 5: Kin

    The race to find a missing drug courier puts Raylan and Boyd at odds with a dangerous Harlan hill country clan.

  • Episode 4: The Bird Has Flown

    Raylan looks for the girl who stole his heart and his money.

  • Episode 3: Truth and Consequences

    Raylan's search for Drew Thompson leads to his psychic widow, who claims to know nothing about the past.

  • Episode 2: Where's Waldo?

    Raylan looks for a longtime fugitive whose ID was found following a burglary of Arlo’s house.

  • Episode 1: Hole In The Wall

    As Raylan investigates a burglary, a new preacher’s ministry cuts into Boyd's drug trade.