Season 2 - Episode 6: Blaze Of Glory

Episode 6: Blaze Of Glory

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As the FBI is interrogating Boyd and Ava Crowder about the mine heist explosion and the cash that's gone missing in its wake, Winona is storing some confidential court transcripts in the marshal's office evidence room when she discovers that the dusty locker she's been given is filled with $200,000 in forgotten old hundred-dollar bills. Wanting to see if they are real, she takes one to a Lexington bank, only to arrive in time to get caught up in a robbery. When bank robber Carter Hayes sees her clutching the bill, he takes it and kicks her in the face as he and his accomplices escape. And as the search for the bank robbers gets underway, Raylan vows to avenge the attack on his ex-wife.

After security camera footage indentifies the heist's mastermind as Frank Reasoner, a legendary and terminally ill bank robber who was paroled because of his emphysema, Art turns to the ex-con's distraught wife, Jenny, for help. Over a Skype connection, Art arranges for Frank to surrender as they reminisce about their run-ins 30 years ago.

As the marshals gear up, Frank, Carter and henchman Bobby Green are preparing to rob another bank in nearby Versailles. But when a disagreement leaves Frank gasping for air, Bobby and Carter head out to pull off the job themselves. Meanwhile, Winona tells Raylan that she's worried that the lost bill from the evidence locker will be traced back to her.

Word that Carter and Bobby have been spotted at the bank sends Raylan and the FBI hurrying to stop them. As the two young robbers find themselves hopelessly trapped, back at the marshal's office Art discovers a flight simulator program on Frank's computer that gives him a clue to the ailing ex-con's plan.



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  • Tomsk

    almost 3 years ago


    AAArrrgggghhhhh. Play damn you....... Would you get this sorted for goodness sake.

  • Stanley280355

    almost 3 years ago


    Still not working! Come on D5 do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • da

    almost 3 years ago


    got to get rid of these ads it not right

  • burly

    almost 3 years ago


    getting the stalls here mac pro chrome

  • lisa armstrong

    almost 3 years ago

    lisa armstrong

    i lv thks show its awesome nd iv gt my whole family into justifed xxx

  • tup

    almost 3 years ago


    whole episode without a single ad!!! just ordered season 1 on DVD. Boyds the man, oh happy days.

  • Stanley280355

    almost 3 years ago


    Nice picture but no programme!

  • Don

    almost 3 years ago


    Can't get past the 'There seems to be a problem with the ads on this video. Please make sure you have any ad blocking software switched off.', and as someone else said I only have anti virus. All the other episodes ran fine. :(

  • james mcneill

    almost 3 years ago

    james mcneill

    oh behave ?

  • Samg

    almost 3 years ago


    So, the video call is on a macbook and then suddenly on a Sony computer and then suddenly back on a macbook...little bit of a continuity issue there!

  • glen

    almost 3 years ago


    Well, I had no adverts and ran smoothly. Seems pretty random.

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  • mari

    almost 3 years ago


    i give up. episode 6 is worse than the others! just stutters along in one second spurts. think I'll be buying it on dvd instead in future

  • dav

    almost 3 years ago


    had about 4 adverts, all the same about 20 secs, no freezing 2nite, got a good signal. cant wait till next week, gonna watch dark blue now.

  • E

    almost 3 years ago


    It won't even start for me - the experience of trying to watch this show is so frustrating! Channel 5, please sort out what are clearly widespread problems with your demand service, or, here's an idea, if you've bought a show as fabulous as this put it on your main channel so everyone can see it. Otherwise what will happen is everyone watching DVD box sets and no one using terrestrial TV channels at all, so you'll all be out of business!

  • Tesla

    almost 3 years ago


    Had that happen to me too Billy with Firefox but not IE9, change of settings didn't make any difference.

  • Billy

    almost 3 years ago


    "There seems to be a problem with the ads on this video. Please make sure you have any ad blocking software switched off." .. Only got anti virus on, and if you want me to turn that off just to watch the video you can get stuffed..

  • Hazz3r

    almost 3 years ago


    Firstly, Demand5 likes me, I didnt get any ads. Plus, that ended with what must have been the slowest chase scene in history.

  • Steve

    almost 3 years ago


    Well, my experience was somewhat better than those above. The ads came to a total of 5 maybe 6 minutes, and the show ran like a dream until 5 mins from the end, and then just a couple of short freezes. Wonder if the ads are so noticeable to us because it is such a tight show. Saw NCIS just before this, and the ads were about the same, and no freezes, so that's my tv watching done for this week, unless Sons of Anarchy has a new season starting. OH, almost forgot....what happened to Raylon's hat?????

  • mart

    almost 3 years ago


    just keeps freezing.arhhhh!fed up

  • dee improver

    almost 3 years ago

    dee improver

    why so many adverts.... RAGHHH!!!