Season 2 - Episode 6: Blaze Of Glory

Episode 6: Blaze Of Glory

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As the FBI is interrogating Boyd and Ava Crowder about the mine heist explosion and the cash that's gone missing in its wake, Winona is storing some confidential court transcripts in the marshal's office evidence room when she discovers that the dusty locker she's been given is filled with $200,000 in forgotten old hundred-dollar bills. Wanting to see if they are real, she takes one to a Lexington bank, only to arrive in time to get caught up in a robbery. When bank robber Carter Hayes sees her clutching the bill, he takes it and kicks her in the face as he and his accomplices escape. And as the search for the bank robbers gets underway, Raylan vows to avenge the attack on his ex-wife.

After security camera footage indentifies the heist's mastermind as Frank Reasoner, a legendary and terminally ill bank robber who was paroled because of his emphysema, Art turns to the ex-con's distraught wife, Jenny, for help. Over a Skype connection, Art arranges for Frank to surrender as they reminisce about their run-ins 30 years ago.

As the marshals gear up, Frank, Carter and henchman Bobby Green are preparing to rob another bank in nearby Versailles. But when a disagreement leaves Frank gasping for air, Bobby and Carter head out to pull off the job themselves. Meanwhile, Winona tells Raylan that she's worried that the lost bill from the evidence locker will be traced back to her.

Word that Carter and Bobby have been spotted at the bank sends Raylan and the FBI hurrying to stop them. As the two young robbers find themselves hopelessly trapped, back at the marshal's office Art discovers a flight simulator program on Frank's computer that gives him a clue to the ailing ex-con's plan.



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