Season 3 - Episode 10: Guy Walks Into A Bar


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Raylan is informed that Dickie Bennett is coming before a sympathetic judge who just may free him. Raylan gives a great deal of thought to the testimony he should deliver about Bennett at the hearing and finds an inspiringly attractive muse in Lindsey, who works behind the bar he frequents. When Dickie’s case comes to court, Raylan’s long prepared speech goes out of the window and the judge lets Dickie walk.

Despite Ava’s efforts to swing the election Shelby’s way, the poll for Harlan's new sheriff goes in favour of Napier. But Boyd digs up an old piece of legislation that dampens Napier and Quarles’s celebrations. It states that no election’s result is credible if the nominee has a relative on the council’s payroll. Napier’s sister Hanna is in just such a position.

Quarles takes the news badly and, after necking some oxycodone, goes looking for Raylan at Cousin Johnny’s bar. Finding him he tells the marshal that his days are numbered, a threat that makes Raylan bristle. A tense stand-off ensues which is only brought to an end when Lindsey takes aim from behind the counter…



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