Season 3 - Episode 11: Measures

Episode 11: Measures

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Raylan is nursing a cup of coffee, gingerly served by new flame Lindsey, when Johnny’s bar is visited by two out-of-towners who Raylan correctly presumes come from Detroit. The two men, Partlow and Sarno have been sent by the big boss Theo Tonin to put an end to Quarles.

Unaware of Partlow and Sarno’s goal, Raylan discusses with Art how best to see off Quarles. Raylan wants to build a bigger case against him - at the moment they can charge him for threatening the life of a US Marshal - but Art decides to bring him in.

Meanwhile, when Quarles pays him a visit to reclaim the money he 'invested' to try to ensure that he remained in office, Napier tells him it's been spent and instead gives him the names of a couple of drug dealers known to be sitting on some cash. That the dealers happen to be paying protection money to Boyd Crowder just happens to be a bonus.

Elsewhere, Dickie Bennett is released from jail andwastes no time getting a gang together to help him recover his mother's $3 million, which he believes Limehouse has stashed somewhere. All he needs to do is discover where it's buried...


  • Season 3 - Episode 12: Coalition

    Quarles takes desperate measures to reassert himself, but first he has to contend with Boyd, Raylan and two hoods sent in from Detroit.


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