Season 3 - Episode 12: Coalition


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At Ava’s brothel, having been lured into a trap by Boyd, Quarles regains consciousness to find himself tied to a bed, with two girls keeping an eye on him and his sleeve gun. Some hired muscle keeps the door firmly shut. But a bottle of oxycodone proves to be too tempting for the girls and they succumb to Quarles’ suggestion that they should all have a little taster, paving the way for his escape.

At Johnny’s bar, Boyd is spelling out to his gang how they are going to deliver Quarles to Tonin and claim the bounty. When Dickie walks in on their chat, he manages to keep his life by suggesting a plan that will recover Mags’s money from where he believes Limehouse has stashed it – a safety deposit box in a local bank.

Meanwhile, Quarles arrives cap in hand at Limehouse’s place and asks for a chance to wipe the slate clean. Limehouse lets him in on Boyd’s plan to rob the bank and suggests that Quarles could perhaps show up just after the deed is done and relieve him of the cash.

Back at the bar, Dickie escapes lock and key, subdues his guard and turns his attentions to Limehouse’s underling Errol, who after some not-so-gentle persuasion lets on that the money is not in the bank after all. Limehouse just set everyone up so that they would either kill each other or be taken into custody, thereby leaving the path clear for him.

Not knowing that Mags’s money was actually bequeathed to her adopted granddaughter Loretta, Dickie heads straight round to see his adopted niece - only to find out that he's not the only one who's found out the true location of the cash.

Limehouse, who has a ringside seat at Loretta’s when Dickie arrives, calls Quarles to tell him that there will be no bank robbery. He suggests that the only way Quarles can clear his debt is to go to Johnny’s bar and kill Boyd.

The Crowder cousins, a state trooper and an explosion all await Quarles’ arrival at the bar. Who gets to walk away?


  • Season 3 - Episode 13: Slaughterhouse

    Quarles takes desperate measures to raise some cash, the law catches up with Boyd over a murder, and Arlo's loose lips divulge all sorts of secrets.


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