Season 1 - Episode 12: Fathers and Sons

Episode 12: Fathers and Sons

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Givens tries to convince his father to inform on Bo Crowder, while Boyd continues to hinder his father’s criminal activities. Ava strikes back against the Crowder clan and Givens rekindles his romance with his ex-wife Winona.

Givens and Mullen are taking a statement from Givens’s father. Arlo reveals that during his time as a collector for Bo Crowder, he received up to $150,000 in protection money. When the money dried up due to increased competition, Bo held Arlo accountable. “He wants his pound of flesh, and you don’t have it,” Mullen summarises. To protect his father from Bo and to gain evidence that could put Boyd back in prison, Givens wants Arlo to become an informant. However, still not trusting his father and wanting a quick resolution to the Crowder problem, Givens insists that Arlo wear a recording device. Worried about his own safety, Arlo strongly resists the suggestion. “I ain’t wearing no goddamn wire!” he yells.

However, after some consideration Arlo agrees to spy on Bo for the marshals. As he is wired for sound, he meets Bo and seems to be following the marshals’ instructions. What Givens and his team do not know is that Arlo is simultaneously writing messages for Bo, which read ‘Play along’ and ‘I’ll feed the feds garbage if you pay me’. Bo has his own message for Arlo, writing ‘Pine top. Noon. Alone. No wire’. Is Bo going along with Arlo’s scheme, or isolating him to have him eliminated?

Bo also has to contend with Ava. Having come out of hiding, Ava makes it plain to the Crowder clan that she will not be forced out of Harlan. She buys a shotgun from Arlo’s wife and confronts Bo in the back of a nightclub, telling him to leave her alone. “I killed one Crowder. I could easily kill another,” she threatens.

Ava’s reluctance to leave her town troubles Givens, who wants to see her out of harm’s way. However, Ava is convinced that Givens has an ulterior motive for wanting her gone, having noticed a renewed chemistry between Givens and his ex-wife Winona. Ava’s suspicions are confirmed when she witnesses Winona leaving Givens’s motel room after a night of passion. Unaware that Ava knows his secret, Givens tries to remonstrate with her one last time. “I just wish you’d leave Kentucky,” he pleads. “Why, so you can keep screwing your ex?” Ava fires back.

Elsewhere, Bo buys $2million worth of ephedrine from the Miami mafia, planning to set up a large-scale methamphetamine laboratory. After Boyd publicly renounces him in church, Bo confronts his pious son. “You’re getting severely goddamn close to meeting your maker!” he warns Boyd. “You bring meth into our homes and I will destroy it,” Boyd calmly tells him. Boyd soon makes good on his promise, blowing up the valuable ephedrine shipment en route to Harlan. Has Boyd forced his father into taking direct action against him?



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