Season 3 - Episode 13: Slaughterhouse


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Having witnessed the aftermath of the car bomb that exploded outside Johnny’s bar, a deputy state trooper has to report to Raylan that State Trooper Tom Bergen is dead and Quarles is nowhere to be found. Bergen, it appears, was not killed by the blast but by a bullet which must have been fired by Quarles.

A riled Raylan confronts Boyd, who claims to have been out for the count but points a finger towards Wynn Duffy as to who planted the bomb. Raylan plays a little game of ‘Harlan roulette’ to scare Duffy into coming clean, learning from him that Limehouse organised the whole thing in an effort to take out all of his competitors at the same time.

Meanwhile, Boyd realises that the net is closing in on him after Arlo, who is avoiding taking his pills, becomes very loose-tongued. It was Arlo who helped Boyd bury his ex-lieutenant Devil after he strayed towards Quarles’ camp. As Raylan arrests Boyd for murder, Arlo babbles an apology to his son about how he treated him as a kid.

A call then comes through froma distraught woman whose car has been stolen and two sons kidnapped by a blue-eyed, blond-haired mobster. While interviewing the woman, Raylan gets a call from blue-eyed, blond-haired Quarles, who arranges a meeting where the boys are handed over in exchange for Raylan and his weapons. Quarles has been made an offer by Theo Tonin – he can return to the Detroit fold for $500,000 and Quarles plans to use Raylan to withdraw that amount from Limehouse’s stash of Mags’s cash...

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