Season 3 - Episode 3: Harlan Roulette

Episode 3: Harlan Roulette

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Having set up a road block to catch them, Raylan spots the familiar face of Wade Messer and his accomplice JT. Together they're the prime couriers for drug dealer Glen Fogel, who is one step further up the food chain of a burgeoning, illegal pain-killer business. On seeing Raylan, JT turns the truck around and makes a break for it, but he loses control and ends up being arrested after crashing.

After managing to escape on foot, Messer makes it back to Fogel’s pawn shop and he sends a lackey to bail out JT. He arrives to face Fogel’s form of justice for a job badly done – a game of Harlan's answer to Russian Roulette.

When Raylan later arrives at the shop he is immediately suspicious of Fogel; however, the feeling is mutual, and when Fogel expresses his opinion to the big boss, Robert Quarles, he advises that Raylan should be killed.

Elsewhere, as Boyd tries to find out what happen to Mags Bennett's money, Limehouse suggests that if he hands over the weed he ‘inherited’ a deal might be on the cards. Meanwhile, a guard who heard a little more than Dickie wanted him to hear about his mother’s money suggests there might be away for him get out of prison for a while to see if he can recoup the cash.

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