Season 3 - Episode 4: The Devil You Know

Episode 4: The Devil You Know

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In jail, Dickie Bennett and his self-appointed bodyguard Dewey Crowe take a beating under the watchful eye of Ash, the guard who heard about Mags's money stash. When they are despatched to the infirmary, they are bundled into body bags and leave the prison grounds in the coroner’s van with another member of the escape committee, prison medic Lance. Shadowed by a couple of Lance's henchmen, Dickie heads to see his mother's store to collect her $3-million stash - only to discover he has company.

Meanwhile, Boyd has one of his gang, Devil, led astray by the new kingpin Quarles when he is offered a very generous package to switch allegiances. Devil talks to Boyd’s other lieutenant, Johnny, and suggests that maybe they would both be better off if they were on Quarles’s payroll. A mutiny is staged, but who is loyal to whom?



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