Season 3 - Episode 5: Thick As Mud

Episode 5: Thick As Mud

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Tue 01:00 6 May

At a motel, seriously injured Dewey Crowe is awakened by Lance, the Tramble Correctional Facility nurse and Ash Murphy’s partner in crime. Pointing to fresh surgical scars as evidence, Lance convinces Dewey that his kidneys have been removed and demands $20,000 for their return. As Dewey embarks on a frantic crime spree, Raylan and Rachel track him to the motel and find evidence of the bizarre plan to resell his organs.

Meanwhile, after using Devil's cell phone to expose Tanner Dodd, Boyd and Johnny beat him violently before sending him back to his boss, Robert Quarles, with a warning.

At the Tyree Medical Centre, Raylan coerces Ash into disclosing the details of his partner’s organ sales scheme before pressing his nurse, Layla, for the names of any doctors who might have helped. Still on his rampage, Dewey holds up a mini mart and ends up trapped in a storeroom after being shot by a stubborn cashier, leaving Raylan to take over negotiations.

Later, as Boyd looks to enlist Doc Stern in a Oxycontin theft ring, Raylan returns to question Layla about the fake kidney theft, only to be ambushed by Lance.



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Comments (6)

  • Dave Moffat

    almost 2 years ago

    Dave Moffat

    5 on are rubbish. it should be called 'not on demand'.....disappointed

  • martha

    almost 2 years ago


    Dear Demand 5, please get Justified online as the previous seasons have been. I CANNOT watch 5 on TV, before the switch-over it was always snowy & pixelated, now channel 5 is no longer there. Demand 5 is the only way for me to watch my favourite channel. THANKS

  • simon

    almost 2 years ago


    great, not only can,t we watch justified on demand, i sit down at 10pm to watch the repeat saturday night ,only to find this week you change the schedule and put it on at 9 this week!!! thanks five, you are doing a great job of ruining another series for me

  • Holly

    almost 2 years ago


    If you are not going to show this online (the explanation above doesn't actually address the issue that Justified has been on Demand 5 previously) then can you please make sure that these are on at regular times. Only having a late night repeat occasionally on a Friday is extremely annoying as I don't work shifts but I also find it difficult watch this show at 9pm on the available days.

  • John

    almost 2 years ago


    This is a joke. The last few seasons have all been on demand 5. Why not this one. If you can't have it on here how about repeating it later in the evening. Some of us work shifts and can't get to see 9pm. Oh well I suppose this leaves you more money to spend on rubbish like Eddie Stobart Trucks and Trailers. Pathetic.

  • Demand_FIVE

    2 years ago


    Sorry, Justified is not available on Demand 5. Only a selection of the shows we broadcast can be watched online. Please see for further details. If you miss the first airing of any Season 3 episodes, repeats are scheduled on Saturdays and Tuesdays, after the evening film, again on 5USA. There are also occasional repeats on Fridays at 9pm; as these aren't regular, please check our TV listings for details.