Season 3 - Episode 6: When the Guns Come Out

Episode 6: When the Guns Come Out

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Two young women enter Dr Stern’s in search of oxycodone, the drug that is taking over Harlan. His offer of a small bottle is met with disappointment and the girls propose all sorts of favours to up the amount. Then one of Quarles’ men, Tanner, walks in, shoots Stern’s armed guard, then takes out Stern and one of the girls. The other girl, Ellen May, who was under Stern’s desk at the time, escapes the killer’s notice.

All parties then become suspicious of each other when Boyd, who presumes Quarles was behind the killings, goes to see Limehouse to have his suspicions confirmed. Meanwhile, Quarles is less than pleased with his minion Tanner, who may have kicked off a Harlan-wide war. And Raylan is about to find out that the killings took place on his Aunt Helen’s property.

But the marshal has something else on his mind – Winona. She took off leaving no clue as to where she was going. Raylan goes poking around in her office at the courthouse, where her computer reveals that she has been looking at websites about Costa Rica. Putting two and two together, Raylan then goes to the evidence locker to find that the cash is gone. Advised by Judge Reardon to give her some time to sort herself out, Raylan focusses on the shootings.

Winona, meanwhile, is at her sister’s place, mulling over her pregnancy and Raylan, who she doubts will ever change. Someone who is making a change, though, is Charlie the ageing evidence locker guard. He has got the top down on his new convertible and is heading towards Mexico in search of the easy life…



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