Season 3 - Episode 7: The Man Behind the Curtain

Episode 7: The Man Behind the Curtain

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Barely holding on to his sanity, Arlo wanders around outside Limehouse’s well-defended bolt hole, talking to his dead ex-wife. Inside the compound, Tanner is about to be relieved of his licence to breathe, until Limehouse offers him a deal. Tanner will be allowed to return to Quarles’s fold as long as he accepts sole responsibility for the Stern clinic massacre and agrees to spy on his boss. Does Tanner have any other choice?

As Raylan tries to see if he can pull any FBI strings to bring him down, Quarles awaits the arrival of Sammy Tonin. Sammy inherited his father’s ‘businesses’, an inheritance that Quarles thought that he was in line to receive. In the meantime, he takes the cash he was going to pay Raylan to switch allegiances and instead gives it to Sheriff Napier, to make the sheriff blind to his burgeoning oxy empire.

While Raylan asks a judge to get a warrant to move Quarles out of his home, as a man with his reputation should not live so close to a school, Quarles goes to watch a seminar given by a financial expert. This financial expert is Winona’s ex-husband, Gary Hawkins, who is about to be made an offer he cannot refuse.

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