Season 3 - Episode 8: Watching the Detectives


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Sammy Tonin, son of Detroit crime lord Theo, is tucking in to a slab of steak when he gets a call from his 'brother' Quarles. Knowing that there is a van outside the restaurant with some FBI agents monitoring the conversation, Tonin delivers his side of the pre-arranged script in which he suggests that Raylan is a dirty cop, and in Boyd Crowder’s pocket.

Quarles, meanwhile, is in a car with Wynn Duffy, having been to Tulsa to pick up Winona’s ex-husband Gary. After using Gary to frame Raylan for murder, Quarles retreats to his suburban den, where he is visited by Limehouse. Limehouse is concerned about Shelby, whom Boyd is backing against Quarles’ man Napier for the role of sheriff, and makes it clear that he wants to back the runner that is going to win.

After informing Quarles that he will do anything to make up for the damage done at the oxy clinic, Tanner makes Napier’s car go up with a bang just before the owner is about to get in - giving Napier an opportunity to bring in Boyd on an attempted murder charge.



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