Season 4 - Episode 8: Outlaw

Episode 8: Outlaw

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With Arlo unwilling to cooperate, the search for Drew Thompson leads Raylan to Tramble Prison inmate and former Harlan sheriff Hunter Mosley. After refusing to help Raylan, Hunter is injured when he stabs Arlo in the chest during an attempted hit in the prison barber shop. When the wealthy Clover Hill crowd hires him to kill the uncooperative Frank Browning, Boyd gives the mine operator a chance to save himself with a better offer. Insisting he can take care of himself, Browning sends Boyd packing.

Returning to Johnny’s bar, Boyd suspects Colt is hiding something as Wynn Duffy arrives with orders from mob kingpin Theo Tonin to immediately find Thompson. Spotting an opportunity to dispatch his enemies, Boyd gives him the names of two likely suspects...



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