Season 3 - Episode 9: Loose Ends

Episode 9: Loose Ends

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A man already on Raylan's radar, Delroy has sent three of his girls out to hold up another business. On the previous heist they were sniffing out oxycodone, but this time he wants the girls to bring back money, sending them to a cheque-cashing bureau in a drugged-up state and with guns in their hands.

The girls, JJ, Krystal and Ellen May, come up short as robbers. A customer in the storemakes a grab for one of the guns, at which point Krystal kills one person and injures another before taking a bullet herself. JJ and Ellen May drag her, bleeding, back to the van, where the atmosphere is hysterical - and Delroy is in far from a forgiving mood.

Meanwhile, Raylan is a couple of drinks into a session when Ava arrives to tell him that Boyd, currently residing in jail after being framed for planting a bomb in Napier’s car, might have some interesting information about Quarles.

The man who did blow up Napier’s car, Tanner, is heading off to give the bombmaker a piece of his mind about the malfunction. But the explosives expert is always prepared for disgruntled customers, and it isn't long before Tanner finds himself standing on a stool above a landmine that is set to go off following any change in weight distribution.

Having been put on Tanner’s scent by Boyd, Raylan arrives to question him as the bomb squad do their best to nullify the threat. Raylan is looking to confirm the link between Quarles and the killing of Winona’s ex-husband, but before any answers are forthcoming Tanner gets twitchy…



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