Season 4 - Episode 7: Money Trap

Episode 7: Money Trap

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As the Marshals Service and the Crowders each continue searching for Drew Thompson, Raylan delivers fugitive drug dealer and murderer Jody Adair to bounty hunter Sharon Edmunds. With help from his former classmate, aspiring filmmaker Kenneth Blanks, Jody kills both Sharon and her partner and escapes. As Kenneth moves to distance himself from the crime, Raylan heads for the home of Jody’s ex-wife, where he meets house sitter and University of Kentucky grad student Jackie Nevada. But as Raylan looks to get Jackie out of danger, Jody plots to recover the cash he’s stashed at the house and kill Raylan in the process.

As Johnny learns that Ellen May is still alive, Boyd and Ava arrive at an exclusive Clover Hill swingers party to continue their search for Thompson. While Ava works the room, Boyd comes face to face with Frank Browning, who’s still angry over his role in Mags Bennett’s battle with the Black Pike Coal Company. Meanwhile, escorted by Raylan, Jackie returns to her apartment, where Jody is laying in wait...


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