Season 2 - Episode 1: The Moonshine War

Episode 1: The Moonshine War

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After the bloody shootout with Givens and Boyd (see last season’s episode, ‘Bulletville’), hired gun Pilar escapes and hijacks a lorry. Boyd, seeking retribution for his dead father, chases after her, finally cornering the assassin in a rainy car park. Unfortunately for Boyd, Givens gets the drop on him and insists that he does not execute Pilar.

Givens manages to knock Boyd unconscious and take Pilar back to Miami, where he exchanges her safety for his own with mob boss Gio Reyes. Having finally reached an agreement with the gangster that guarantees his safety, Givens is offered his old Miami-based job back. He later learns that Boyd has escaped the clutches of the law once again and gone on the run – but has his old nemesis reverted to his criminal ways?

At the Kentucky office, Givens confronts Mullen about the job offer. “So you want to transfer me?” Givens asks. “Honestly, I don’t know who would take you,” Mullen replies.

Givens has to attend many investigative meetings and complete the mounds of paperwork surrounding the shootout. Therefore, he grabs an opportunity to escape the office when Brooks asks him to help her on a case. She has been asked to track down Jimmy Earl Dean, a registered sex offender who has skipped his parole. After some investigation, Givens learns that Dean is working for the Bennetts, a notoriously ruthless local crime family that specialises in growing marijuana.

Givens starts his investigation by talking to Mags Bennett, the clan’s fearsome matriarch and an old acquaintance of the Givens family. “We’re reefer farmers,” Mags tells Givens. “We don’t consort with sexual deviants.” Matters are complicated when it is revealed that Mags’s oldest son Doyle is a member of the local police force, despite being complicit in their criminal activities.

Events take a darker turn when Dean kidnaps a local 14-year-old girl, Loretta. As Loretta has worked as a marijuana harvester for the Bennetts, the family is angered by her disappearance. Will Givens be able reach the girl before the Bennetts do? And if so, will he be able to resolve the situation peacefully to avoid getting in more trouble with his bosses?

Elsewhere this week, Givens once again meets up with his ex-wife Winona. As she is still married, they both resolve to resist the temptation of another romantic rendezvous, but it is not long before they fall into bed together. As they are both in relationships, they are playing a dangerous game – how much longer will they be able to keep their amorous trysts a secret?



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  • tigercat

    over 1 year ago


    when is season 4 going to start - ????

  • Annoyed

    almost 3 years ago


    Completely missed the advertising for the start of Season Two, was there even any? Regardless, unable to watch episode one online. Error message is video unavailable. Annoying :(

  • Juan

    almost 3 years ago


    Try watching this in America, then you'll know way too many ads! Love the show, sorry I missed the start of the series on the tv (hence why I'm here watching it). Looking forward to this season :)

  • Dion Williams

    almost 3 years ago

    Dion Williams

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many ads. 1 every 10 mins!! C'mon 5 get your head out...

  • Dan

    almost 3 years ago


    Loved the episode but far far too many adverts in 5;s programmes. Maybe shouldnt have bought Big Brother and instead invested the cash to cut down the pointless advert tidal wave

  • Dana Tanovic

    3 years ago

    Dana Tanovic

    One of the best shows around!!!! Timothy O et al are totally amazing. Great scripts,fab dialogue.brillant!!!

  • Chris Copp

    3 years ago

    Chris Copp

    I wish 5 USA had a larger advertising budget so they could advertise this show on the other channels and then I wouldn't have missed the start, d'oh !!!!!

  • Awa

    3 years ago


    My brother works on this show. Love it!!!

  • Dutch

    3 years ago


    5 star show, I love it!

  • Steve G

    3 years ago

    Steve G

    One of the best series on TV... well written, well acted, well done.

  • Tesla

    3 years ago


    New series of justified, new clan of rednecks for Givens to play with, does it get any better.

  • Vicky H

    3 years ago

    Vicky H


  • mensatopof

    3 years ago


    can not wait