Season 3 - Episode 1: The Gunfighter

Episode 1: The Gunfighter

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Placed on desk duty while recovering from a brutal run-in with the now imprisoned Dickie Bennett, Raylan summons Boyd to the US Marshals’ office to answer for the large quantities of both cash and marijuana that went missing following the death of the Bennett family’s matriarch, Mags. Claiming he knows nothing about either, Boyd incites a fistfight with Raylan over his not being allowed to punish Dickie for Ava's shooting; as a result he's escorted to federal prison, where he begins laying the groundwork for his revenge.

Meanwhile, when he's pressed for the money he owes some mobsters in Detroit, Emmitt Arnett recruits Fletcher 'Ice Pick' Dix to rob and kill jeweller Delmer Coates. Suspecting Fletcher of the crime, Raylan heads to see his former employer, Wynn Duffy. While Duffy claims no knowledge of Fletcher, Detroit mob muscle Robert Quarles enlists Emmitt’s assistant, Yvette, to lure the marshals to a meeting between Fletcher and Emmitt. After neither man shows, however, Raylan returns to his motel room with Winona only to find they're not alone...



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