Season 3 - Episode 1: The Gunfighter

Episode 1: The Gunfighter

Sorry, this episode is no longer available to watch on Demand 5.

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Placed on desk duty while recovering from a brutal run-in with the now imprisoned Dickie Bennett, Raylan summons Boyd to the US Marshals’ office to answer for the large quantities of both cash and marijuana that went missing following the death of the Bennett family’s matriarch, Mags. Claiming he knows nothing about either, Boyd incites a fistfight with Raylan over his not being allowed to punish Dickie for Ava's shooting; as a result he's escorted to federal prison, where he begins laying the groundwork for his revenge.

Meanwhile, when he's pressed for the money he owes some mobsters in Detroit, Emmitt Arnett recruits Fletcher 'Ice Pick' Dix to rob and kill jeweller Delmer Coates. Suspecting Fletcher of the crime, Raylan heads to see his former employer, Wynn Duffy. While Duffy claims no knowledge of Fletcher, Detroit mob muscle Robert Quarles enlists Emmitt’s assistant, Yvette, to lure the marshals to a meeting between Fletcher and Emmitt. After neither man shows, however, Raylan returns to his motel room with Winona only to find they're not alone...



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Comments (15)

  • Barbara Yates

    over 1 year ago

    Barbara Yates

    This is ridiculous. I want to continue watching this show but Fox in it's infinite stupidity makes it unavailable to viewers and I was even willing to buy it, but it's not out there. So, this is a grand way to lose viewers. Fox why do you make life so hard for fans of your shows? You ruined Fringe, you castrated Alcatraz, what's up with you? Guess I'll have to kick Justified to the curb oh well, it's been nice Raylan, but Fox does not want you to succeed as they did with Fringe!

  • JB

    2 years ago


    I have watched series 1 and 2 of Justified and reckon it's one of the best shows to have graced the small screen. But, sadly I missed episode 1 of series 3. Please tell me when and where it will repeat, or where I can view it on demand.

  • c mays

    2 years ago

    c mays

    channel 5 catch up? NAFF SERVICE!

  • 5timewasters

    2 years ago


    Sooo, we cant watch them on catch up, and 5 isnt airing episode one again, before episode 2? Nice one channel 5; you appear to have completely missed the point of a demand catch up service . . . the operative word being service. Total bunch of oxygen thieves.

  • Ali G

    2 years ago

    Ali G

    Why are you not able to watch Justified online ? You used to be able to watch it online ?! How are you able to catch up on missed episodes from Season 3 ?!

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  • Jefftified

    2 years ago


    I thought I was going crazy... why repeat s1 but not s2? As much as I've enjoyed watching so far, I'm not sure I would have bothered if I'd known that the second season would be skipped this time round. Please have mercy and run s2 again 5USA!!! (No justified-based puns were harmed in the writing of this comment.)

  • Mark W

    2 years ago

    Mark W

    Season 2, has been on 5 usa, you must of missed it everyone, but they should show it again for all the people that missed it, instead off showing all the repeats off old csi, as it is one of the best shows.

  • Martin F

    2 years ago

    Martin F

    No on demand facility and messing with episode times for what is one of the best shows in your whole output. Raise your game Ch5!

  • Trisha G

    2 years ago

    Trisha G

    Trisha G Yes, why have you missed out season 2 of Justified? Really enjoyed season 1 and was looking forward to the next season. What's going on?

  • nick williams

    2 years ago

    nick williams

    Hi I have just watched series 1 of Justified and now you are showing Series 3 any chance series 2 will be on?

  • Numbere

    2 years ago


    Are you planning to have this series of Justified available on demand5 at all?

  • Demand_FIVE

    2 years ago


    Hi Candy, thanks for your message. This episode of Justified will be repeated on 5USA on Friday (30 March) at 9pm, Saturday (31 March) at 10.50pm and Tuesday (3 April) at 11.05pm. For more info and timings of series repeats, please see Hope this helps!

  • Candy Fathers

    2 years ago

    Candy Fathers

    I want to know if this series of Justified is on at a later time on a different day. So Ican record it because I am recording something at 21hrs on Wednesday

  • Demand_FIVE

    2 years ago


    Sorry, Justified is not available on Demand 5. Only a selection of the shows we broadcast can be watched online. Please see for further details.