Series 1 - Episode 1: Suffolk Strangler

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In the winter of 2006, an infamous killing spree took place at different locations near Ipswich. After five female sex workers were murdered in quick succession, the press soon labelled the unknown killer as the Suffolk Strangler.

The man responsible was 48-year-old forklift driver Steve Wright, who had a reputation for being quiet, reserved and straight-laced. Only later did it emerge that he had a history of gambling, had made a number of suicide attempts and frequently visited prostitutes.

Moving into the heart of Ipswich's red-light district had given Wright the perfect opportunity to lead a double life.While his partner Pamela was working night shifts, he slipped into old familiar habits, kerb-crawling and picking up prostitutes. He built up a relationship with many of the women, becoming a regular customer and gaining their trust. These intimate bonds would lead to fatal consequences.

The killing spree began in October 2006 when the first victim disappeared from the red-light district of Ipswich. Within a matter of weeks, five women were reported missing and Suffolk constabulary was at the centre of a major man hunt. It was not long before Wright became too bold and confident, and a single mistake gave the police the DNA evidence they needed to link him to the crimes.

With insight from those involved at the time, including the officers who investigated the case and those knew him best, this programme explores the life, crimes and character of Steve Wright, and considers what caused him to embark on his killing spree. The result is a definitive account of Wright's complex and twisted life.

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