Knight Rider

Series 1 - Episode 3: Journey To The End Of The Knight

Episode 3: Journey To The End Of The Knight

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Mike and his slick automobile sidekick K.I.T.T. tackle illegal international trading as Knight Rider continues on Fiver. Heading out to the California High Desert, the pair are briefed by Torres, who tasks them with monitoring the movements of brothers Ian and Johnny Chang. The siblings are suspected of smuggling US military technology overseas, but at present nobody knows who their contact or supplier is.

At the Halfway House Raceway Tavern, Mike meets his contact Sean Owens, who he fought alongside during the Iraq war. Now the bartender of the tavern, Sean agrees to watch Mike’s back while he works undercover. But Mike quickly gets on the wrong side of the Chang brothers when he challenges them to a race – a daredevil contest that results in Johnny Chang’s car being smashed to pieces. Meanwhile, Sarah chats to Sean, and asks him what Mike was like when he knew him. Sean tells her that they were in the army together before Mike mysteriously disappeared to be a part of ‘some black ops thing’. But what did Mike really get up to in Iraq?

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