Knight Rider

Series 1 - Episode 6: Knight Of The Hunter

Episode 6: Knight Of The Hunter

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Mike and K.I.T.T. travel to Phoenix, where government-hating former soldier Walt Cooperton has established his own private martial organisation. Knight Industries is concerned because Cooperton recently purchased state-of-the-art remote triggering devices, and nobody knows what he plans to do with them.

Mike goes undercover to infiltrate Cooperton’s camp and is enlisted as one of the ex-soldier’s militants. But Mike is thrown when he encounters Cassandra Banks, who appears to be Cooperton’s lover and right-hand woman, but is soon revealed as an undercover MI6 agent. Forced to flee the camp, Mike and Cassandra are stranded in the Phoenix wilds after K.I.T.T. is hit by a landmine. Together, they must work to bring Cooperton down, but can Mike trust Cassandra to help him sabotage the extremist’s deadly plans?

Meanwhile, Billy suffers a bruised face (and ego) when he loses a fight over computer game Warcraft. Determined to toughen him up, Zoe offers to teach Billy some moves so that he can avenge the smackdown. And Sarah compiles a wish list for her birthday, which includes fine wine and a date with a certain someone. Will she end up spending her birthday alone?

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