Knight Rider

Series 1 - Episode 4: Knight Of The Iguana

Episode 4: Knight Of The Iguana

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Mike is assigned an unexpected new sidekick when Zoe accompanies him on a mission to take down a terrorist cell in Baja. When Nick Turner, an undercover agent working in Baja, disappears and isn’t heard from for 48 hours, Mike is sent to find out what happened. But Mike’s aversion to water prompts Torres to assign Zoe to the mission as she is fluent in Spanish and a confident surfer. However, Zoe takes the pair’s cover identities as honeymooners a little too seriously, and makes a pass at a disinterested Mike – who is made even more uncomfortable when their hotel room is revealed to have only one bed.

Meanwhile, K.I.T.T. locks on to Turner’s faint tracking transmitter. Following the signal, the threesome are confronted at a cliff edge by a man with a missile launcher, who targets K.I.T.T. and sends the car over the cliff and into the sea. Luckily, K.I.T.T. is equipped with submarine technology and steers safely back to the shore. Deciding to investigate the old-fashioned way, Mike is saved from a gang on the beach by a man named Skyler (Johann Urb), whom he befriends. But could Skyler be the one responsible for Turner’s disappearance?

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