Knight Rider

Series 1 - Episode 13: Knight to King's Pawn

Episode 13: Knight to King's Pawn

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In the wake of Dr Graiman’s death, the team at Knight Industries starts to fall apart. Hiding away on a Hawaiian beach, Sarah is taking the news of her father’s demise particularly hard, and resorts to drinking. Not even a visit from Mike can ease her misery. Meanwhile, Torres takes advantage of his newfound power and decides to decommission K.I.T.T. Along with his new partner Jack Hurst, Torres plans to use K.I.T.T.’s AI chip to reactivate another, more powerful vehicle called K.A.R.R.

With Knight Industries disbanded, Billy and Zoe find themselves jobless and frustrated. Then Mike receives a mysterious package containing a small black cube. Activating the cube, a holographic image of Dr Graiman appears, and a message recorded before the scientist‘s death reveals some shocking truths about Mike’s history. According to Graiman, Mike was the first driver of K.A.R.R., but when the project went wrong, Mike’s memory was wiped. Now that the hostile K.A.R.R. has been reactivated, Mike, Billy and Zoe must find a way to bring K.I.T.T. back, and thwart Torres’ plan to unleash K.A.R.R. on an unsuspecting public.

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