Knight Rider

Series 1 - Episode 1: Pilot

Episode 1: Pilot

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Celebrated scientist Charles Graiman (Bruce Davison) is having a quiet evening at home when he is paid a visit by a couple of men claiming to be from the power company. But the two men quickly reveal their true, more sinister intentions – they want to acquire a defence project called Prometheus, and they think Graiman has it.

Searching the house, the men stumble upon a slick black automobile – and before they can do anything to stop it, the vehicle powers up and roars off into the night.

At Stanford University the next day, 24-year-old PhD candidate Sarah Graiman (Deanna Russo) is leaving a lecture when she receives a phone call from a mysterious man who warns her that she’s about to be kidnapped. Sure enough, two men corner her on campus, but Sarah is rescued by a black Ford Mustang Shelby and whisked to safety.

Shockingly, the car has no driver, and the man that spoke to her on the phone turns out to be the car itself (voiced by Val Kilmer), which calls itself K.I.T.T., and was built by her father. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, K.I.T.T. can think independently, boasts a collection of impressive features, and can travel at speeds up to 191 miles per hour.

Informing Sarah that her life is in danger, K.I.T.T. drives her to find ex-soldier Mike Traceur (Justin Bruening), her former lover. They eventually track him down to a Montecito casino, where Mike is attempting to win cash to pay off a $90,000 gambling debt. Sarah asks him for help and offers to pay off what he owes.

Meanwhile, FBI agent Carrie Rivai (Sydney Tamiia Poitier) is called in to identify her old friend Dr Graiman’s body, and discovers that the man who died was not Graiman at all. Could he still be alive somewhere? Sarah and Mike discover that the men chasing them are mercenaries working for BlackRiver, a security contractor that wants Graiman’s Prometheus defence project for their own sinister ends. And Mike discovers that his real father is Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff), who fought crime while driving the previous K.I.T.T. model. Should Mike follow in his father’s footsteps?

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