Season 7 - Episode 15: Please Note We Are No Longer Accepting Letters of Recommendation from Henry Kissinger

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Sorry, this episode is not currently available to watch on Demand 5.

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An exclusive primary school's long waiting list leads to three murders.


  • Season 7 - Episode 16: Reunion

    Joan Jett guest-stars as a legendary rock promoter who is found murdered in her luxury apartment. Could her wayward son have turned killer?


  • Season 7 - Episode 14: Assassin

    Logan and Wheeler investigate the attempted assassination of a celebrated Sri Lankan political activist.

  • Season 7 - Episode 13: Betrayed

    Crime drama series following the NYPD'S Major Case Squad. The toy boy husband of a crime writer and ex-cop disappears along with his secret lover.

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Comments (3)

  • Anonymous

    over 3 years ago


    What the hell is the point of having this online service, if you can't see the best shows. A big con. I like law and order too, but this site is filled with the stuff that no one wants to watch. Won't be coming back here. Will stick to Sky!

  • steve2008

    over 3 years ago


    demand five has really went downhill since it changed you can hardly watch anything on it apart from the crap nobody likes.

  • Laura

    over 3 years ago


    I would like to know why Five's biggest US shows aren't available on demand? I have just bought a fancy new TV because I can watch DemandFive and BBCiplayer on it and although the BBC offers nearly all it's programs from all it's channels Five doesn't. I love Law&Order and missed it last night but wasn't worried because of the internet service, only to find it wasn't there! Why is this and will you be showing any of these shows on your on demand service in the future or is it simply too expensive?