Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 9 - Episode 2: Loyalty, part 2

Episode 2: Loyalty, part 2

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Goren, Eames, Nichols and Rodgers pay their respects at Captain Danny Ross’s funeral. Later at the courthouse, Goren and Eames arrive with an arrest warrant to take in Jan Van Dekker. Dekker has just walked free on two million dollars bail, but FBI agent Stahl gets her hands on him first. This pushes Goren over the edge and he tries to punch Van Dekker. Goren further vents his frustrations to Captain Maas, so much so that Maas suspends him. Goren hands in his badge and gun.

Nichols’ new partner Serena Stevens arrives from Chicago just in time to witness the bust-up. Nichols turns his attention to the case, particularly to the sheikh killed in the ‘pirate-hunting’ expedition, and tries to figure out who would be most upset by his murder. The most likely candidate is one of the sheikh’s sons, Hassan, who pays a visit to Van Dekker’s house with the man who killed Danny Ross. Van Dekker has an urn containing the ashes of Hassan’s father which he gives to him. In return, Hassan’s henchman shoots Van Dekker.

When the team arrive at Van Dekker’s place, Nichols soon proposes the theory that Goren killed him, leading Eames to defend her partner. But Nichols has another motive for putting Goren on the list of suspects…

After Stevens manages to point the spotlight on Hassan, she and Nichols go to visit him and his sister Khadra at the advertising agency he owns. The detectives manage to create some tension between the siblings.

Goren, badge or no badge, is on the trail of a venture capitalist called Milgram. He believes Milgram is funding a massive arms deal to equip the security forces of the new state of Puntland that Hassan wishes to establish in Somalia. Goren presses the right buttons with Milgram and gets close to the weapons, but it seems that the FBI have a different idea about how the investigation should proceed.

Back at the precinct, Maas suggests to Eames that maybe the time is right for her to think about stepping up a level to become a captain. Khadra crumbles and gives the detectives everything they need to now about the killings of Ross and Van Dekker, but the FBI insist that Hassan must remain free, as they have tracking devices on the weapons and the deal must go through for the ‘greater good’. This leads Goren to see that Ross gave his life away for nothing and he calls time on his career. Eames then realises that her loyalties lie with her partner and she turns down Maas’s offer, bidding farewell to Major Case Squad.



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