Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Season 9 - Episode 3: Broad Channel

Episode 3: Broad Channel

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In a convenience store in the Queens backwater of Broad Channel, Jackie Dooley embraces another Irish emigrant Moira Boyle before paying for her groceries. Her son Eddie tells Jackie that he is more than ready to help if he ever has anything he needs doing. A vehicle pulls up outside the store and a detective gets out. He and Jackie share a few words. Later that night the detective is found shot dead by his car.

Nichols and Stevens arrive on the scene to be told by Rodgers that Detective Ryan Fields was killed by a bullet to the head after his Kevlar vest stopped the first three shots.

Some of Fields' colleagues from Queens' 116 precinct arrive on the scene and don't take Nichols telling them to tread carefully too well. Also investigating, from the Internal Affairs Bureau, is Captain Zoe Callas. Back at the precinct Callas suggests that Fields was shot in the car, but by whom? A colleague? An informant? And what was he doing in Broad Channel?

Stevens and Nichols visit Fields’ widow, Cassie, and find Detective Atwater from the 116 already there. He claims jurisdiction over the case, which Nichols contests. When Atwater leaves, Nichols manages to upset Cassie by pushing her too far about the income she and her late husband received from some property they owned in Jamaica. Callas pulls some strings at Internal Affairs and gets hold of the file they have on Fields. It transpires that he was being investigated, and also that his mobile phone records show a number of conversations with Jackie Dooley. Nichols recalls trying to nab the Irish crime boss on several occasions for extortion, loan sharking, fraud, and once for conspiracy to commit murder. But he had never been able to make any charges stick.

Attention then turns to the last arrest Fields made. In prison, Fields' prey says that he, along with a number of other criminals, was paying Fields to turn a blind eye to several things, but that recently Fields had raised his asking price and people were still getting arrested. Then Atwater informs the detectives that he has identified the killer.

An informant tells him that it was Eddie Boyle who pulled the trigger, but Eddie has gone underground. After some pressure is placed on Jack, who wants to see Eddie’s innocence established, he agrees to wear a microphone and talk to Moira about where her son is hiding. As soon as she gives the answer the detectives race to the location. However, Atwater gets there first. Nichols and Stevens arrive just in time to hear shots fired.

Inside, Eddie lies dead. Did Atwater kill in Eddie in self-defence as he claims? Or was Atwater paving the way to take over Fields’ protection racket? And what is the genetic connection between Moira, Jackie and Eddie?



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