Season 8 - Episode 7: Folie a Deux

Episode 7: Folie a Deux

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When a fragile couple lose their daughter in a hotel robbery, Goren and Eames race against the clock to track her down.


  • Season 8 - Episode 8: Family Values

    Having found a connection between three murders, Goren and Eames must understand the psychology of a religious fanatic before he claims another victim.


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  • Blanche

    2 years ago


    I really enjoy the Criminal Intent storylines as they tend to be well drafted dramas, and I particularly like the detective character that the actor Vincent D'Onofrio plays. In many ways he is more interesting than the stories. One criticism I do have however, is that the male detective characters that both; D'Onofrio and Goldbloom play, tend to be more compelling than the female ones? Given that the female characters are working in a male dominated environment, as we can by the extras and the supporting cast being mostly male, why aren't they as complex and insightful as their male counterparts? I mean really give me 10 professional men and place them next to 10 equivalent professional women, in my experience a greater percentage of the women will be more complex and interesting than the men, and on any given day better at their jobs. The female characters, are often token or eye candy, in these detective dramas, and I'm often disatified about that as a viewer. At least the female characters in Criminal Intent don't look too dolled up and freshly groomed in the morning, as they do on other US TV shows, so that consoles. Yes I realise the men are stars, but why? Prime Suspect US is a good example of a female lead detective dramas series based upon the Lynda LaPlant UK one; shes complex and compelling yet, it's been cut and that's really disappointing. That said I look forward to the next episode of Criminal Intent and the introduction of Goldbloom is not without merit. Congrats to C5 for procuring the show for Demand5.

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