Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Season 11 - Episode 18: Bedtime

Episode 18: Bedtime

Sorry, this episode is no longer available to watch on Demand 5.

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Investigative journalist Jane Whitmore is found bound and stripped naked, with an X cut on her cheek and her throat slashed. The SVU team quickly determine that since there was no sign of a break-in, she must have known her rapist and murderer. Could her attacker be someone she was investigating?

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Comments (6)

  • daniel

    11 months ago


    Keep getting a message saying protected content can't be played by the player at this time. I thought the whole point of running an iplayer service was so that people couold catch up with their favourite programmes whenever suited them rather than being restricted to watching them at particular times!!!

  • Angela

    11 months ago


    Hi, it is so annoying. You start watching and can't see the rest because it stops running. What a terrible service I will not use it again. They would be better having none!

  • Long-Time TV Fan

    11 months ago

    Long-Time TV Fan

    A plot full of twists and turns, including enjoyable (guest) star turns from 70s & 80s TV sirens: Ann-Margret, Jaclyn Smith, Susan Anton, and Morgan Fairchild! Great to see an all-too rare TV script for actresses of a certain age. Too bad they all seem to feel the need to reach for the Botox needle (or more)... As for Demand 5 technical glitches, e.g. jumping timers & skipped video, sort it!

  • Aydee

    11 months ago


    Finally got it to run after many efforts last night. Worthwhile to see a masterful performance from Ann Margret, so rarely on our screens nowadays (Tommy film, folks!) and guest spots from two other 70s actresses. Original Charlie's Angels series fans: watch this episode for Jacqueline Smith's guest turn. Thanks, D5!

  • Aydee

    11 months ago


    Why do we bother with Demand 5. Internet signal drops out - not on any other tv station but 5 - and the screen goes black and you note error and the ads run. Repeat many times till you ask the question, again, why do we bother with Demand 5?

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