• Episode 24: Locomotion

    A car left on a railway line derails a commuter train and causes multiple deaths. Detectives race to locate the man responsible.

  • Episode 23: In God We Trust

    A handgun found at an arson crime scene leads detectives to arrest a man in connection with an old murder.

  • Episode 22: Sport Of Kings

    The shooting of a Panamanian jockey puts Detectives Fontana and Falco on the trail of some colourful suspects from the world of racing.

  • Episode 21: Publish And Perish

    An investigation into the murders of an infamous porn actress and a maverick publisher lead to the top of the police department.

  • Episode 20: Tombstone

    A promiscuous young lawyer is found bludgeoned to death in her office, and Fontana and Green suspect one of her colleagues.

  • Episode 18: Dining Out

    A high-powered television executive is murdered and Fontana and Green believe the murderer is the victim's jilted ex-lover.

  • Episode 17: Licence To Kill

    Detectives investigate when an SUV hurtles into a downtown restaurant, killing its driver and injuring the sole passenger and several bystanders.

  • Episode 16: The Sixth Man

    A star basketball player is suspected of murdering a fan who harassed him. He pleads guilty to killing the man, but insists he was acting in self-defence.

  • Episode 13: Ain't No Love

    An up-and-coming rap star is in the frame for the murder of a music producer.

  • Episode 12: Mammon

    A wealthy businessman is murdered.

  • Episode 11: Fixed

    A recently paroled criminal dies after being hit by a car.

  • Episode 10: Enemy

    The massacre of a group of prep school students is linked to an Afghan warlord.

  • Episode 9: All In The Family

    A jeweller is shot dead in the middle of Times Square.

  • Episode 8: Cry Wolf

    An attempt is made on the life of a notorious DJ.

  • Episode 7: Gov Love

    The wife of the Governor of Connecticut is murdered.

  • Episode 6: Cut

    A famous novelist dies from complications following plastic surgery.

  • Episode 5: Gunplay

    Two undercover officers are killed during a firearms sting.

  • Episode 4: Coming Down Hard

    A student jumps to his death from a dormitory window.

  • Episode 3: The Brotherhood

    A prison guard is charged with the cold-blooded murder of an ex-con.

  • Episode 2: The Dead Wives Club

    A woman is pushed to her death off a ferry boat and suspicion falls on her husband's ex-wife.

  • Episode 1: Paradigm

    A female veteran of the second Gulf War is found murdered, and the evidence points to the sister of a former inmate of Abu Ghraib prison.