Season 17 - Episode 10: Corner Office

Episode 10: Corner Office

Sorry, this episode is not currently available to watch on Demand 5.

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Cassady and Green arrive at a hotel room to investigate the fatal shooting of Charles Dillon, a lawyer who worked at the firm Halligan Webb. It transpires that Dillon was due to testify before Congress later that week in an eavesdropping scandal involving his firm. An attempt to question Halligan Webb’s CEO, Samantha Weaver, falls flat when she refuses to be drawn on the confidential details of the investigation, but later Dillon’s own attorney reveals that the lawyer was in very hot water...

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Comments (14)

  • Mr Angry

    almost 3 years ago

    Mr Angry

    I agree with Rumblestrip - I'm sick of missing the end of my recorded C5 programmes. Sort your act out!!!

  • jan

    3 years ago


    I like the rest missed the end of this episode get your act together love 5 but you change times to much

  • dolphin

    3 years ago


    I have had the same problem love 5 but times change so much get your act together please like all the rest I missed the last part of the above episode

  • Rumblestrip

    3 years ago


    No on demand and wrong timings on your scheduling makes Channel 5 look like the poor station everybody thinks they are. Top programmes like "L and O" deserve better.

  • Jaycee

    3 years ago


    My recording of the last THREE episodes has cut off early so - no ending!! Comeon channel 5 - get your act together and give correct times - ask iPlayer - always good!

  • Barbie

    3 years ago


    I have the same problem with the cut off - how DOES it end??? I thought episodes were available on Demand5 for 30 days...

  • Franco

    3 years ago


    I have the same problem and my wife blames me for it. How does Corner Office end?

  • Malc

    3 years ago


    Please does anybody know the end of this episode? My recorder cut it off, as usual and I didn't realise till tonight. Too late again. I'm beginning to hate channel 5

  • dave

    3 years ago


    Are ANY of these previous episodes available to view? This doesn't seem any different than it was 2 years ago, when I stopped bothering with 5s "on demand" - it isn't, is it?

  • Andrew Martin

    3 years ago

    Andrew Martin

    Andrew Same problem as Sue. I have tried to contact Channel 5, but no response.

  • Sue

    3 years ago


    My recording machine cut off before the end of episodes 8 (release) and 10 (corner office). I'd love to know the endings. At the moment episode 8 is not available for catch-up. Oooh.

  • pinballmad

    3 years ago


    reload the video if it does not work

  • Lynn

    3 years ago


    wouldn't it be nice if channel 5 online was available. It's *always* down or unable to show videos. Maybe they need to call BBC iplayer and ask them how to be stable..

  • Brad Lopez

    3 years ago

    Brad Lopez

    High quality episode from L&O. C5 presentation for on demand is pretty good (better then ITV) but could come close to the BBC if improved accessibility, some technical issues & fewer adverts.