• Episode 24: I Want To Recycle

    When the ice cream and drawing paper run out, Princess realises the importance of not wasting things.

  • Episode 16: I Want My Robin

    Princess is learning to bird watch, but wild birds aren't very easy to spot when they keep flying off. How will she manage to get a closer look?

  • Episode 32: I Want A Penpal

    Princess wants to receive a letter in the post, but she needs to find someone to write to her first. How will she find herself a pen pal?

  • Episode 23: I Want To Go Camping

    Princess is delighted when everyone is locked out of the castle, as it means they will have to spend the night camping.

  • Episode 34: I Musn't Be Bossy

    The princess has opened a cafe with Algie as her waiter, but running a cafe needs lots of organisation - and Algie does not like being told what to do.

  • Episode 30: I Want A Sleepover

    Princess and Algie are having a sleepover at the castle, but Princess is much too excited to sleep.

  • Episode 26: I Want To Play Hide And Seek

    The princess never wins at hide-and-seek, until she finds a hidden room in the castle...

  • Episode 35: I Want My Stick Insect

    Princess is looking after Sticky, Great Uncle Walter's stick insect. But Sticky does not always stay where he is supposed to...

  • Episode 31: I Want To Ice Skate

    The princess is learning to roller skate, but it is not easy and she is tempted to give up.

  • Episode 27: I Want A New Bedroom

    Princess wants to redecorate her bedroom, but choosing what colour to paint it is an important decision.

  • Episode 29: I Want To Be Famous

    Princess wants to become famous so that she can have a statue made in her honour, just like her Great Uncle Walter.

  • Episode 28: I Want Your Tiara

    Princess is delighted when Scruff finds a sparkly tiara for her to wear, until she finds out that it belongs to Maid.

  • Episode 25: I Want To Be A Nurse

    Maid is not very well, which is good news for nurse Princess - she's been waiting for a patient to look after!

  • Episode 22: I Want To Be A Policeman

    Little Princess does not like rules and decides that if she has to follow them, everyone else in the castle should too!

  • Episode 33: I Want My Go Kart

    It's the day of the castle go kart race, and Princess teams up with Great Uncle Walter.

  • Episode 13: I Want to Sing

    There is a singing competition in the Kingdom and everyone is entering. Little Princess is determined to win, but which song will she sing?

  • Episode 11: I'm going to Win the Rosette

    It is the castle's annual pet talent contest, and Little Princess is determined to win the golden rosette.

  • Episode 8: I Want to go to the Seaside

    Little Princess and her friends go to the seaside. Everyone is disappointed to find the beach empty, and worse still it's raining!

  • Episode 6: I Want Scruff

    Algie visits the castle and shows Princess how well he can train her dog Scruff. Does Scruff really prefer Algie?

  • Episode 15: I Want to be a Detective

    Someone has eaten all of Princess's biscuits! Like a true detective, Princess sets up a number of traps to catch the hungry biscuit thief.

  • Episode 2: I Want to be a Bridesmaid

    Little Princess decides that she wants to be a bridesmaid. She finds the perfect outfit, but finding someone to get married isn't as easy...

  • Episode 21: I Want to go to Space

    Little Princess wants to leave home to go to space. But she soon realises that her home is just as exciting...

  • Episode 5: I Want to Cut Out

    Little Princess uses the scissors and glue without permission and ruins the brand new dress given to her by Great Aunty.

  • Episode 7: I Want to Skate

    Little Princess is learning to roller skate, but it's not easy and she's tempted to give up.

  • Episode 12: I Don't Like Arguments

    Little Princess is trying to paint a picture, but General and Maid are in the middle of a very noisy argument!

  • Episode 3: I Want my Treehouse

    Little Princess is making a treehouse when she discovers that Algie and Maid are building one in the tree next door. A competition is soon underway.

  • Episode 1: I Want my Horace

    Little Princess is delighted when Great Uncle Walter's Shetland pony Horace comes to stay - until she discovers how stubborn he is...

  • Episode 10: I Want My Duck

    Little Princess is enjoying a lazy day by the pond when Scruff finds three little duck eggs.

  • Episode 18: Who Turned the Lights Off?

    There is a power cut in the castle just as Princess and the rest of the household are preparing a birthday party for Great Uncle Walter.

  • Episode 20: I Don't Want to Play the Piano

    Little Princess is very excited when Aunty arrives at the castle with a piano, but learning to play involves a lot of hard work...

  • Episode 19: I Want to be Strong

    General wants to be strong so that he can impress Maid, and Little Princess is determined to help.

  • Episode 17: I Want a Gymkhana

    General has organised a gymkhana at the castle. Princess is sure that she and Horace are the perfect team.

  • Episode 9: Please Don't Go

    When a flock of unfriendly geese drive Admiral from his pond, Little Princess sets about finding a new role for him in the castle.

  • Episode 14: I Want to Play a Joke

    Algie keeps playing tricks on Princess, so she decides that it's time to get her own back. But playing a joke on someone isn't easy...

  • Episode 4: I Want to be a Vet

    Princess wants to be a vet, but looking after poorly animals isn't easy - and the animals don't seem that keen on being treated...