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Jubilee street party decorations

Planning a stylish celebration for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee? Alison Cork shares her how-to guides for making your own decorations.

Jubilee street party decorations

Rosette napkin rings

Tissue paper - red, white and blue
Thin jewellery wire
Fabric covered buttons
Small red and blue beads
Spray glue


  1. Firstly you'll need to cut a length of tissue paper 9cm wide and 40cm long. In a contrasting colour cut a second length 6cm wide and 40cm long. Spray the back of this section with glue and carefully attach to the centre of the first length of tissue paper. It is important that you stick this as evenly as possible.
  2. Begin to fold the combined tissue paper width ways into a fan about 1/2cm wide. Once you have folded the whole length, attach a 25cm section of the wire around the middle point. Twist the wire to hold your fan shape, leaving equal lengths either side. Do not trim the wire, as this will form the loop for your napkins.
  3. Use scissors to trim the edges of the folded tissue paper fan into petal shapes.
  4. Open out the fan on both sides to make a rosette. Attach the sides with glue and add a button to the middle.
  5. Turn your rosette over and glue ribbon to the back by folding in half so both lengths hang down in a v-shape. Trim the ends so they are even lengths.
  6. To make a beaded wire loop, thread beads onto each piece of wire. Twist the ends together and cut away any excess, ensuring there are no sharp edges.

Giant rosettes

2 x sheets A1 contrasting paper
Pack of crepe paper
Thin wire
Ribbon - to hang


  1. Firstly decide on your colour scheme and where you want each colour. You will use the width of a whole sheet of A1 paper as the background rosette ring, adding different coloured rings to build the design.
  2. Lay down both sheets of the A1 paper, one over the top of the other, and fold them together into a fan shape. To do this fold the papers back and forward in roughly 6cm widths, making sure to create crisp folds. Once both papers are fully folded, separate them and trim both the ends into petal shapes.
  3. Cut one of the pieces of paper about 10cm shorter either side so it has space around it when forming the middle rosette ring.
  4. Combine them once again and place them exactly in their folds, making sure the centre piece is in the middle.
  5. To add the crepe paper, cut a length about 1/2 the width of the A1 background sheet. Place this centrally, following the folds of the paper, working your way from one end to the other using your fingers to place in the creases. Cut away any extra length.
  6. When all the papers are lined up correctly, fold the fan in half to find the central point. Wrap the wire around in a loop securing tightly. Unfold your rosette and secure each end by stapling.
  7. From the extra paper, cut out a circle and glue to the center of the rosette.
  8. Use the wire to attach a ribbon and hang at your desired location.

Cocktail sticks

Foam umbrella

Red, white and blue foam sheets
Cocktail sticks
Paper edgings
Mini glue gun


  1. Using the template,  out the number of shapes you require from the foam. With the glue gun, stick the overlap together.
  2. Attach a cocktail stick from underneath the cone shape, piercing the point of the cone and pushing through until about 1/2 cm is poking out of the top. Add a blob of glue to the underside of the cone to secure the stick. Add another blob of glue to the top of the stick and place a bead over it.
  3. Decorate each umbrella with paper trim around the bottom edge. You can also cut contrasting colours of foam into shapes or add stickers to decorate.


BuntingA4 mount board
Assorted scrapbook card
Paper edgings
Glue gun
Uhu glue
Scissors or craft knife


  1. Using the template, cut out a triangle from the mount board. Use this to cut triangles out of your assorted plain and patterned red, white and blue card. Score a fold along the top edge of each of the triangles.
  2. Decorate your bunting with paper trimmings and attach with glue.
  3. Turn your piece of bunting over to attach the ribbon. Cut a length of ribbon, then using the glue gun, glue along the top and underside of the scored flap. Envelope the ribbon between the two-glued sides, ensuring there are equal lengths of ribbon either side. Repeat this process for all of your bunting pieces. Attach each bunting section by tying a small ribbon in between and hang for all to see.

Cupcake liners

Cupcake linerCupcake liner

Food flags

Food flagsScrapbook card selection
Cocktail sticks
Paper trims
Glue gun


  1. For flags: Using the flag template, cut out the number of shapes you require from your scrapbook card. Run a small line of glue along the joining side and fold over a cocktail stick. Add paper trims or buttons.
  2. For rosettes: Using the rosette template, cut out the number of circles you require (one slatted and one non-slatted for each rosette), from a mixture of plain-coloured and patterned card. Glue the slatted circle on top of the non-slatted circle so it sits centrally.
  3. Attach the 'ribbon' lengths to the back of each rosette.
  4. Attach a cocktail stick so it sits in the middle of the 'ribbon' lengths by adding some glue to the reverse of each rosette. To secure the cocktail stick in place, add a small cut-out circle, placing it over the top of of the stick for a neat finish.
  5. Turn the rosette over and add a button to the middle before decorating your cupcakes.

Decorative plates

Selection of white porcelain plates & bowls
Porcelain paint pens
Porcelain paint


  1. Mark the design for your plate on a piece of paper first before painting your plate.
  2. For more detailed areas of your design such as shapes and edgings, use porcelain paint pens.
  3. Cover larger areas such as stripes or blocking using the porcelain paints.
  4. Once you have finished your design, leave to dry for 24 hours.
  5. Bake in an oven for 35 minutes at 150°C / 300°F then allow to cool. Run through a dishwasher before first use.