Thursday 22 September

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Alice is best known for playing Emmerdale barmaid Maisie Wylde - but she’s left the Dales to star in Keeler, a theatre production about the biggest political sex scandal this country’s ever known .

Do health and safety rules drive you mad? This week we’ve sent Kirtsy out to investigate so pf the more ridiculous health and safety interventions which have left you seething!

University student Kathleen Hawkins was struck down with meningitis when she was in her first term at Leeds University. Although she recovered she went on to lose both her legs as they were left extremely damaged by the septicacaemia Kathleen contracted. As a new University year begins, she is on the show to tell uni students what symptoms to look out for.

Resident doctor Dr Radha is in the studio taking calls on your health worries
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Comments (2)

  • Rebecca Di Vito

    over 2 years ago

    Rebecca Di Vito

    Health and Safety rules are used as an excuse in some cases because of the suing culture we now have in this country! I went to the swimming pool with my 3 month old daughter and 3 year old son, when asked how old my son was i replied honestly saying 3 - i was told i wasn't allowed to take them in without another adult - Health and Safety!! ......but if my son had of been 4 yrs old it would have been ok, i wasn't told this but noticed it on a sign when i questioned where this rule was stated! My occupation is deputy manager at a childcare centre so I am well aware of hazards and health and safety issues, I am first-aid trained, my children both have arm bands and anyway if there was an emergency what are lifeguards employed for!? I am room leader of pre-school children - 3-5yr olds, the ofsted ratio is 1:8 for this age group.... i questioned what the difference between a 3 yr old and 4 yr old was - of course this question could not be answered!! I was in Germany on my holidays recently and was allowed into the pool with my own 2 children plus my brother 10 and sister 11, with no questions asked, because they do not have the suing culture there that we do here. I phoned up another swimming pool in my area before going there to ask if i could take both children in on my own - (so as my 3 yr old would not be crying his eyes out again) .....their answer was "Yes, but i would have to sign a disclaimer!!!" and safety is used as a scapegoat.

  • Margaret Rimmer

    over 2 years ago

    Margaret Rimmer

    I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Gabby say that on Thursday you are having a programme about "Health and Safety Gone Mad". I can't believe how behind the times you are with this. It is becoming widely recognised that people use health and safety as an excuse to make an unpopular decision. For example, at my son's call centre staff were told they couldn't read newspapers and magazines due to "health and safety". When my son pressed his manager on this the manager eventually told him they just didn't want them to read while they were working. Fair enough but why blame it on "health and safety"? You will also find that overzealous councils have banned activities for "health and safety" reasons because they are, in fact, scared of being sued. In 2009/10 147 people died at work - this is what you should be focussing on. If you could see the devastation caused by losing a loved one in a workplace accident (and I have first hand experience of this) then you wouldn't treat this matter so lightheartedly. All you are doing is trivialising health and safety, the regulations of which are there to protect people and should be treated with more respect.