Tuesday 8 May

Tuesday 8 May

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Liz McClarnon was still at school when she auditioned for girl band Atomic Kitten. The trio - who went through two line-up changes in their five years together – went on to score 3 UK number ones, and sell more than 4 million albums worldwide.

Liz - who has scored a top 5 solo single, presented numerous TV shows and won Celebrity MasterChef since the band split – is here to tell us all about the Atomic Kitten reunion, and her plans to return to the stage, and keep on cooking.

PART 2: VT – Women’s wrestling

Female wrestling has long been a form of entertainment, but recently, more and more girls are recognising the benefits of a sport that not only keeps them fit but also teaches them self-defence. So how will Louise Hulland fare in the ring? We sent her to a wrestling academy to find out.

REAL LIFE – Rebecca Jane

After enlisting the help of a friend to uncover her ex-husband’s infidelity, Rebecca Jane decided to start up her very own detective agency. Now Rebecca employs a team of 15 people, to help others catch out their philandering partners. She’s here to tell us why she’s uncomfortable with the technique of honey-trapping, and how she exploited a gap in the market to set up her business.

PART 3: EXPERT: Zita West – Fertility

Zita West is here to answer all your fertility questions. Are you struggling to conceive? Are you thinking of beginning IVF? Or are you worried that your lifestyle could be damaging your chances of having the baby you’ve dreamed of? Zita is here with loads of expert advice.


Actor and director, Phil Davis got his big break when he starred in cult Britflick, Quadrophenia, over 20 years ago. Since then he’s been a fixture on both the big and small screen; nominated for a BAFTA for his role in Vera Drake, and starring in prime-time crime drama, Whitechapel.

He’s here to tell us why he loves a gritty drama, and why he’s decided to re-release football hooligan film I.D – a film he directed 18 years ago.


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