Lost Heroes of World War One

Lost Heroes of World War One

The generation that lived through World War One is gone and the last surviving veterans have all died, but their voices and their memories live on in a remarkable interview project, nearly two decades in the making. Narrated by Dougray Scott, Lost Heroes of World War One draws on this unique archive to tell the story of the war through the eyewitness accounts of the soldiers, airmen, POWs, the wounded, nurses, munitions workers, sweethearts and children. As they relive the heroism and the heartbreak of 1914 – 1918, their accounts are moving, often shocking, occasionally funny and frequently surprising, but always startlingly vivid and honest.

  • 1 - Journey's End

    Examining the last days of WWI, when thousands of half-trained 18-year-old British conscripts were sent to France to counter a massive German offensive.

  • 1 - Deadlock

    Examining the battles of Arras and Passchendaele, with interview footage of late veterans Harry Patch and Henry Allingham.

  • 1 - The Home Front

    An examination of the home front during WWI, charting the experiences of loss, along with the fighting spirit that emerged in Britain and the women who took on the opportunities to work in place of men.

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