Series 1 - Noddy Needs Some Medicine

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Noddy has a cold for which he has been given some medicine by the doctor. Gobo and Sly the Goblins convince him that medicine is no good for you but once Dinah Doll has explained things to him he takes the medicine and immediately feels better.

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  • Series 1 - Good Neighbour Noddy

    Good Neighbour Noddy. Animated series for children. When plans for an angling trip with Big Ears are interrupted, Noddy is disappointed.

    Available until 23:59 31 Dec 2022

  • Series 1 - Shelf Help

    Shelf Help. Join Noddy in Toytown as Big Ears pretends to be someone else so that he can teach Noddy how to rely on himself more.

    Available until 23:59 31 Dec 2022

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